Chair: Nurit Coombe

The Welcome Committee greets new residents of Luxmanor, Windermere, and The Oaks as soon as they are identified by themselves or a neighbor as having moved in! If you have a newly-arrived neighbor, we urge you to revive the wonderful custom of bringing muffins or cookies and making them feel welcome to our community, as indeed they are!

We’ll make a phone call to say hello and welcome. We will explain the first year of membership in LCA is free, provide a free copy of the LCA Directory, and offer ourselves as personal contact for any information about living in this great community.

All new families are encouraged to join the Luxmanor Citizens Association and the ListServ, to obtain all the benefits of membership and community activities. For information on joining, click here.

New residents receive free membership in the LCA from the date of move-in notification until the end of the LCA fiscal year on May 31. If you or a neighbor are new to Luxmanor, Windermere or The Oaks, please send an email to welcome@luxmanor.org.