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Roads & Traffic

Chair: Damian Trostinetzky

This committee tracks and advocates such issues as the installation of sidewalks, cut through traffic, lane design, and stop sign placement. All with the goal of maintaining a neighborhood that’s safe and enjoyable for children, walkers/runners, and bike riders. For information, send an email to traffic@luxmanor.org.

 Maryland Traffic Relief plan (more info)

Click to watch the video of the briefing. Enter Passcode: UUeA*493

Click for the Maryland Department of Transportation P3 staff PowerPoint.

Tuckerman Lane Pedestrian & Bike Facilities
The Montgomery County Department of Transportation/Division of Transportation Engineering is conducting a facility planning study of pedestrian and bicycle facilities for an approximately 2.7 miles section of Tuckerman Lane between Gainsborough Road and Old Georgetown Road. See here for more information.

The project manager, Mr. Greg Hwang, is accepting all comments throughout the life of the project, but for this phase, they will begin to collate comments after May 14, so please consider letting him know your thoughts on long-term improvements (sidewalks and bike lanes for the 2.7 miles of the project) and short-term improvements (sidewalks by the Westlake-Tuckerman intersection, for example). His email is greg.hwang@montgomerycountymd.gov.